Nomination for the 2017 Fairness Awards

Each year, Lexington Fairness opens the nomination of the Fairness Awards to the public. The nomination for the 2017 Fairness Awards is closed. Thank you. All submitted nominations will be presented to the Awards Selection Committee - a small but diverse group of people with years of experience in community service. Each nominees will have short biographical information published in the event program at the Fairness Awards Dinner. The recipients of the awards will be announced during the evening's festivities.


Awards Category

The Fairness Awards recognize individuals or organizations who devote 110% to keeping Lexington a safe and tolerant city for its GLBT community. To encourage everyone’s participation we open the Fairness Awards nomination process to the public. There are four award categories:



This award is dedicated to the straight allies of the GLBT community that stand up for GLBT rights - just because it's the right thing to do. Oftentimes, our straight allies stand up and fight more fiercely for fairness than do the GLBT members of our community. (Past recipients include: Pastor Bill Kincaid, Caitlin Powell, Sandy Linville, Vice-Mayor Isabel Yates, Aaron Baker & Samara Baker,, Stephanie Oghia, Leslie Beatty, Vicki Stanley, and Reverend D. Anthony Everette)



This award is dedicated to those among us who inspire us to join together and push forward in the face of adversity. When the times get tough, these members of our community push ahead and motivate those around them to get things done.  This award is for the firebrands among us - full of energy and vitality. (Past recipients include: Mary Crone, Jane Minder & Ginger Moore-Minder, Nicole Diamond & Wesley Nelson, Wayne Clayton, Jonathan Barker, and Fred Worsham & ShotZ, Doug Burnham & Belinda Tarpley-Suttong, Brandl Skirvin, Jim & Luke Meade-Barlowe, and Jon Parker)



This award is dedicated to the members of our community who are leaders and role models and are out for no other reason than to increase the visibility of the GLBT community. These are people who let others know "We're Here!" and do so in a positive and uplifting manner. (Past recipients include: Mark Johnson, Terry Mullins, Jackson Cofer, Tim Burcham & Phillip Marcum, Troy Johnson, and Rev. Marsha Charles, Robert Morgan, Brian Slate, and Tuesday Meadows)



This award is reserved for those among us who do the most to ensure that the GLBT community is afforded equal protection under the law - not special rights, just human rights. Whether it is protecting domestic partnership benefits at our local universities, championing anti-bullying initiatives, or standing up against legislation designed specifically to divide, this award will honor the person who works the hardest just to make things fair. (Past recipients include: Senator Kathy Stein, Councilwoman Diane Lawless, Joey Rose, Mayor Jim Gray, Carol Denham & Darryl Denham, Zoe Chin, and Craig Cammack, Attorney General Jack Conway, Representative Kelly Flood, Senator Reginald Thomas)



This award is dedicated to the local businesses and establishments that continue to make a positive impact on the LGBT community. These businesses have exhibited a commitment to diversity and inclusion as an operating guideline and outstanding support of the Lexington LGBT community. (Past recipients include: Bates Security, and Soundbar Lexington)


The public nomination for the 2017 Fairness Awards is closed. The recipients of the awards will be announced on Friday, June 23rd at the 10th annual Fairness Awards.


2017 Fairness Awards Selection Committee

Jonathan Barker

Bobby Nelson

Susan Lamb

Jon Parker

Walter Lee Ravizee

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