The Lexington LGBTQ community is one that is rich with an often colorful but always important history. Our community has been fortunate to benefit from the work of many outstanding individuals. Folks that have given much of their energy and efforts to make Lexington a better place for each of us.


To commemorate the 10th Annual Fairness Awards, the Board of Directors of Lexington Fairness sought to find an appropriate way to further recognize these individuals that have gone above and beyond in the fight for fairness. In order to accomplish this recognition, the board presents to you the Fairness Hall of Fame.


While the Fairness Awards recipients themselves are nominated by the community at large and selected by an awards selection committee that is independent of Lexington Fairness, the members of the Fairness Hall of Face are nominated and chosen by the Lexington Fairness Board of Directors. The recipients represent those individuals that have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the LGBTQ Community of Lexington over an extended period of time. 


Fairness Hall of Fame

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